Company Profile

it’s not all about us at Bekdon Richards ……it’s all about our clients, their homes and the results we can achieve for them.
Lead by Directors, Evan Lykourinos and Paul Richards, Bekdon Richards is one of Boroondara’s fastest growing real estate agencies – with a reputation for diligence and accountability that is surpassed only by proven results.
With an expert team of professionals drawn from different backgrounds, different cultures and different ages and experience, there’s a member of the Bekdon Richards Sales team to suit every vendor …and to connect with any potential buyer, at home or abroad through our two Chinese-based international affiliates.
Similarly, the vibrant and friendly Bekdon Richards Property Management team benefits from diverse experience and a diligent approach. Directed by Department Head, Cynthia Imbriano, the team is built around highly systematised processes that ensure management is always transparent, pro-active and relationships with both landlords and tenants are built on nothing less than complete trust. At Bekdon Richards, we recognise that our Sales and Property Management teams can only be as good as the support they receive. That’s why the vision of IT Director William Lorchirachoonkul is so important.
A leading researcher and an international IT expert, William has been tasked with building customised systems from the ground up. His collaborative Cloud-based solutions integrate data from every area of the business into one platform. The system is exclusive to Bekdon Richards and is hosted in secured datacenters in Australia, thus, ensuring that our clients’ data is protected by Australian data sovereignty at all times.
Choosing the best people, then giving them the best systems… this is the way we achieve the superior results for our clients.


Disciplined, strategic and always available…whether selling or leasing our people are absolutely accountable to you

A property industry professional all his working life, Director Paul Richards, brings a deep understanding of the market …and the people and the properties that comprise it.
His Co-Director, Evan Lykourinos, is an enthusiastic practitioner of rigorous systems, expert analysis and a creative approach to sales’ strategy.
Together, they manage a team of personally recruited sales and property management professionals – each chosen for their commitment to customer service and their disciplined approach to strategic planning.
As Head of Property Management, Cynthia Imbriano’s expertise as a Boroondara specialist is informed by a career spanning the rural, commercial, office and residential sectors….and is enhanced by an ability to connect with landlords, tenant and suppliers at every level.
With a PhD in global Cloud-based technologies and a reputation as a leading expert in information systems, William Lorchirachoonkul is responsible for creating systems that are individually tailored to the needs of Bekdon Richards’ business. These systems ensure that our people, and their clients, benefit from access to the most relevant and accessible information at all times.
Whether it’s developing an individual marketing plan for a client’s property, providing detailed post-inspection feedback on potential buyers, or instituting a diligent inspection process for a rental property, at Bekdon Richards, our Directors have created an environment where staff are recognised for their diligence and rewarded for their results. In sales, property management and the systems that support them, it is this culture of excellence that offers real rewards.