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Olivia Lucietto | Finance | Marketing

Olivia  Lucietto

Olivia Lucietto

Olivia Lucietto | Finance | Marketing

Headhunted to join the team at Bekdon Richards after working previously with the two Directors, Olivia Lucietto continues to live up to her a reputation for organisation and detail. Responsible for ensuring that the company’s advertising is high impact and highly accurate, Olivia is a key “behind-the-scenes” person – guaranteeing that timelines are met, advertising is proofed and accounts are reconciled. Above all else, it’s Olivia’s job to ensure that the world of Bekdon Richards’ marketing and finance runs on time, on budget and without error.

“Like everything else at Bekdon Richards, the processes and systems that support my role are formalised and highly accountable,” says Olivia. “Before any advertisement is placed on the internet, before any board is installed and before any brochure is sent to the printer, I follow a detailed checklist with an approval process that includes senior management.”

But that’s not to suggest it’s a matter of simply following the steps. “Much of my day involves “managing the managers”. Our industry is so fast paced and our clients’ decisions are so swiftly made that I need to be a “traffic controller” - following up on detail with the salespeople and Directors and ensuring that even the tightest deadline is met,” she says. “At the end of the day it’s all about ensuring that our clients’ properties are presented in the best possible light to the biggest possible audience.”

Educated and raised locally, Olivia continues to live in the area and brings a strong local knowledge to her role. Much of her out of hours time is spent locally too – with shopping, socialising and catching up with family and friends high on her detailed weekend checklist.