Easy Landscaping Improvements for Your Home


Plants play a huge role in shaping the feel of a home or backyard, so whether you’re preparing your home for the market or wanting to create a new dynamic, try any of our recommended improvements.

Neaten the Edges
Where better to start than the front lawn? Neatening lawn edges is a relatively quick way to tidy and crisp up that first impression. After mowing, use a pair of grass sheers to tidy up any stray grass, re-shape the grass line with a spade. This should only need to be done yearly, and guide the grass growth in that area, saving you time in the future. For an even lower-maintenance solution, investigate the different colours and textures of metal and stone edging to sit adjacent to grassed areas.

Pressure Clean
Garden paths are a well-worn area of the home, and you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes to have this area cleaned with a high-pressure hose. A pressure cleaner can be hired for a half-day or full day at most local hardware or storage centres, and are very user-friendly. A pressure clean is great if you lead a busy life and are after an instant solution.

Provide shade
You will find that Collapsible umbrella or roller-blind is not only cheaper to install, but creates variety in your garden, providing shade when necessary, and folding away for easy storage at night. An umbrella in particular creates a welcoming and cosy canopy and is the perfect spot for a cushion or table. This will allow you to really get to know a new area of your back garden.

Landscaping in flats
While the vertical garden trend is in full swing, it can be somewhat difficult to maintain due to water and lighting needs. If you are pushed for space, some bright species that thrive in pots in Australia are Agapanthus, Lavender, Bougainvillea and Geranium. A window-box flower or hanging-plant on the back steps or balcony creates a warm and welcoming environment.

Last but not least—weeding. One of the easiest ways to tame weeds in the long-term is mulch. Coming in many different varieties and textures, mulch prevents sunlight from reaching your garden bed and creates a neatened look, centring the focal point onto particular plants or areas of the garden. In this sense, mulch is not only useful but a fantastic design solution, enabling isolation of key points of interest.

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