Interior Design Trends for 2019


They say a change is as good as a holiday, so whether you’re back at the office or enjoying some time off, Bekdon Richards brings you a selection of the best new interior design trends for 2019. These forward-thinking, trendy aesthetics will come in handy when preparing your home for the market.


Hello Terracotta!

A splash of paint is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room, and 2019 is all about earthy tones and rich pastel – think terracotta, stone grey and Pantone’s new Colour of The Year, ‘Living Coral’. Black will be popular in flooring and fittings, particularly in the bathroom, as well as rich, dark green. Remember to consider how seasonal change and sunlight will affect each room before making any bold decisions.


True Gold

Perhaps one of 2018’s most popular and widespread trends, rose gold will bid us farewell this year. In its place will be bronze and true gold, with textured metals and surface rising in popularity. Think kitchen accessories, vases and frames in these colours.


Round and Round

In the place of mid-century modern’s clean lines and geometric shapes will be a more energetic, playful sensibility to furniture. Taking inspiration from the curves and ornamentation of Art Deco, curvaceous couches and tables in textures as velvet and velour will feel warm and nostalgic.



Enjoy a selective mix of key pieces that are bold and bright, and preferably a mix of textures and shapes. Start with a brightly coloured feature piece of art like a painting, print or photograph, and let its energy influence and complement its surrounding. Cushions and textiles as bedspreads and towels are a simple and easy way to amp up the colour in your home while indulging your personal style and flair.


Consider any of these contemporary styling tips when renovating, renting or re-invigorating your home this year, why not give them a whirl?

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