The Importance of Getting Your Gas Heater Serviced


As we enter the colder months and begin to rely on gas heaters to keep us warm, now is the perfect time to check when your machines were last serviced.

An unserviced gas heater becomes a potential risk for your family due to the harmful affects of carbon monoxide poisoning. On average one Victorian each year dies due to carbon monoxide poisoning, with many more suffering a chronic, debilitating illness. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer that’s often overlooked in our busy schedules.

Energy Safe Victoria recommends heaters to be serviced at least once every two years, in order to monitor and eliminate the risk of these harmful toxins as well as dust build-up and fan burn-out.

A basic service on your heater will cost around $250, and will give peace of mind in the long run knowing you and your family are safe from any potential risks. Through the process, a licensed gasfitter will need access to your home and your heater with a general service only taking around an hour of your time.

An indicator of a defective heater can be seen in the colouring of the flame. If your heater flame is burning a bright yellow rather than a blue flame, there could be something wrong. However, as mentioned above, it’s important to get gas heaters serviced every two years regardless of any indications of faults – your family’s health and safety is potentially at risk.

Servicing your gas heater is not only a wise choice for the health of your family, it can also make a difference to your bill – as a machine that’s working effectively won’t be wasting any energy.


It’s important to ensure whichever company you select to service your heater is a licensed gasfitter endorsed for gas appliance servicing. You can check these qualifications for businesses online at the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

Once you’ve serviced your gas heater, you can rest easy at home knowing you’ve taken the right precautions in ensuring your family’s safety.

On behalf of Bekdon Richards, SmartHouse Australia are offering gas heater servicing for $199 plus GST.

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