Throws, Pillows & Paint


Warming up your home with Throws, pillows and paint!

The time for all things warm and cosy is here, making a perfect opportunity to adapt your spaces to the season. Not only do we want to get warmer by temperature, but warmer in ambience. This could be as simple as a change of a colour palette, the addition of some extra pillows, or adjusting your lighting to make your home a cosy winter hideaway.

Here are our styling tips for cosy yet chic interiors.

Play with Seasonal Colours

A change in colour palette is the perfect way to adapt to a new season. For this winter and autumn months, try golden yellow, charcoal grey, emerald, terracotta, iris blue and eucalyptus green to name a few fitting options. These colours are trending this season and can set a very luxurious tone in your home. Spring and Summer 2022 sees sophisticated hues symbolising balance and harmony, inspired by nature. Suggested colours carrying through from the cooler months into the warmer still sees lemon, a cheery popcorn or mustard as popular yellow choices as well as grounding neutrals such as Coffee Quartz, Sudan Brown, White Alyssum and Humus. Refreshing greens like Fragile Sprout, Fair Green, Cascade or a dusty emerald amalgamate our connection to nature and our desire for comfort and calm spaces. Super Sonic, an electric, bright -medium blue enhanced with some grey tones such as Northern Droplet or Poppy Seed or perhaps incorporate a beautiful soft pink pastel such as potpourri or a more eye catching, playful bubblegum with some floral tones of Coral Rose or Orchid Bloom.

Try Textures

Textures mean more layers for the warmer months and are a great way to add depth, contrast and style to a space. Throws are an easy way to put this idea into play as they come in so many colours and textures. Try incorporating elements like velvets, funky cushions, faux fur rugs, shaggy blankets and even unique lampshades to ad an extra element.

Adapt Your Lighting

Lighting is the director of ambience and if played with correctly, can take your space from a bright and sunny space to a cosy and tranquil sanctuary. To do this, you combine basic lighting with accent lighting. When choosing your basic lighting set, opt for one with a dimming option as this will help create the best effect. Overall, a warm white light with a medium brightness is recommended to achieve this specific outcome.

Have A Paint Update

If you are ready for a true refresh, changing your wall colour can have amazing effects on the style and ambience of a space. You can adopt some of the colours listed above, or choose a more subtle, neutral colour to build upon such as ivory, khaki, blush, dusty rose or cream.

Some Simple Changes

Sometimes it is the little things that can have the greatest effect. Pick out a candle that has your favourite scent like Chai Spice, French Vanilla or Caramel. Not only do candles smell delicious, but they have such an influence on atmosphere.

Bringing a plant into your space is a wonderful way to add that touch of contrast while inviting some nature indoors. This will also help to keep your air that little bit fresher for those months where your windows are staying mostly closed.

Make It Liveable

Because the cooler months usually mean more time indoors, its a good idea to adapt your living spaces to suit your lifestyle. Convert your spaces to cater for that extra “living” by making space for the things you like to do when you’re indoors. If you’re a reader, make a cosy nook with blankets, a small coffee table and some books nearby. If you’re a yogi, move some things in your home around to make a special space dedicated to your practice.

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