Full of merriment and joy, the holiday season is one of the most family-oriented times of the year. Christmas and New Year are a time for relaxing, reconnecting with our loved ones, and restoring ourselves. It is a time centred around home, so deciding to sell during the holiday season may seem counter-intuitive, but if you are clever about it and follow our tips below, the holiday season has many perks. The team here at Bekdon Richards have compiled a go-to list of our top tips for selling during the holiday season.

Plan ahead.

Our first recommendation is to allocate much more time than usual toward sale activities. Given the many distractions of holiday season, you never know when you might need to do some last-minute shopping, wrapping or cleaning. Spend some time thinking about what might need fixing or tidying for inspections or sale as well as some guaranteed days that you will have a holiday or family activity planned. You could even combine an inspection day and some Christmas shopping—there’s two birds with one stone! Prioritise tasks in order of importance and you will have ample time to balance the sale of your home and the obligations and fun that come with the holiday season

Be aware of closures.

Be aware of the high potential for business delays/closures over the Christmas/New Year period when planning settlements. From early to mid December offices and businesses slow down, but buyers during this period, on the other hand, are very serious about purchasing. Be prepared to accomodate this time for these potential buyers, as they are also doing a bit of juggling in the silly season.

Homey, not decorated

Every household has a different way of celebrating the holidays, from home-made decorations to table settings to neon fairy-light displays. While these are festive, buyers need to imagine themselves in your home, so keep anything too flamboyant to a minimum. A Christmas wreath on the door is a nice, subtle touch suggestive of the season that doesn’t overwhelm potential buyers. Keep decorations minimally festive—nothing too over the top.

Make time for you.

The holiday season, while thoroughly enjoyable, can often be a stressful time with the pressures of large gatherings, gift-giving, driving and making sure everyone’s happy. Bekdon Richards are all about you. We suggest making time for you—even if it’s 10 minutes a day—to read a book, meditate or exercise.


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